The art of the invisible just became a reality

SubSea Craft: shaping the future of surface-subsurface capabilities and missions.

The ability to utilise a watercraft to cross the surface at speed, and then transition to a submersible craft offering speed, depth, payload capacity, distance AND extreme stealth has long been sought after. The SubSea Craft Diver Delivery Unit now makes that dream a reality.

The DDU is a self supporting asset designed to operate in blue water and littoral zones. Its modular design is human factors engineered to provide maximum mission performance and load-carrying adaptability. The craft’s infrastructure operates completely on fly-by-wire technology offering a significant opportunity for a number of autonomous applications.

Surface at speed
At depth

The DDU’s surface and subsurface performance would result in a significant reduction in the requirement for high value assets and personnel being required to deliver the craft in theatre.

Autonomous operations utilising the DDU would reduce the use of assets even further with a long distance “stand off” capability for the autonomous user. A cloak of invisibility has never been closer!