SubSea Craft - Engineering

The DDU: Engineering

SubSea Craft has created a unique and patented craft design using both well-proven and in-service components and new invention. The DDU is a wet craft offering fast re-role configuration and turnaround.

The hull forms, designed in conjunction with one of the UK’s top naval architects and supported by specialist stress engineers, composite designers and model testing through Solent University’s Unit, have created SubSea Craft’s unique “water cutting” technology affording performance above and below the water.

The fully composite structure is a mix of roven-woven mat, Diab core, and exotics capable of withstanding surface sea conditions and subsurface pressures.

Li-ion storage providing 600v which feeds eight thrusters, with the bow set offering vectoring and the aft set inline with a control plane.

Control is through a unique multiplex controller with SSC’s own protocol and is designed around CAN technologies allowing common architecture and integration. The system is fully fly-by-wire so advances in guidance and automaton systems can be integrated into the system. Helm and HMI is unique showing a series of control screens and diagnostics.

Pilot and navigator seating positions are aft in the craft allowing a “check” view across the craft and payload of swimmers, devices or cargo. Seating is in a patented seat pod allowing shock mitigation on the surface with a reclining system for subsurface transition.