Submersible Diver Delivery Unit

All too often, companies design and provide what they think the user wants rather than considering and consulting the end user prior to solidifying their design. In contrast, we began by asking potential users about their needs.

From its inception, the SubSea Craft team has been a carefully chosen group of highly experienced experts, each with proven track records in inventing, designing, developing and manufacturing innovative products for defence organisations around the world, or with direct practical and tactical experience as end users.

The success of the extensive simulations and exhaustive tank and wind tunnel testing, detailed modelling through the prototype build and sea trials is due to their talent, hard work and professional dedication. Subsequent sea trials have vindicated our shared vision and have proven that the concept we devised in principle operates as anticipated in the practical theatre.

In short the SubSea Craft DDU provides a world’s first: personnel and payload delivery with fly-by-wire capabilities on the surface and subsurface, coupled autonomous capability in both spheres.

As you read on I’m sure you’ll agree that the DDU not only satisfies client needs but also encapsulates Sun Tzu’s thinking.

Graham Allen

Graham Allen
CEO & Chairman
SubSea Craft Ltd